Well, a smart tool for business is an item or process that can help a company acheive their goals which can be anything from getting new clients, communicating with employees more effectively, creating new products or improving existing services.

We are incredibly lucky in this day and age to have a whole new set of tools that can help us…tools that can relay our messaging, tools that can help us communicate, tools that can help us listen to our customers and speak with vendors…tools that can open doors that may have been closed in the past.

What are these tools?  They come in the form of blogging, podcasts, video on the web, search engine optimization for websites and more!  David Pogue-NY Times, Mike Dunn-Hearst Interactive, David Parmet-Marketing Begins At Home, John Piccone-24/7 Real Media, Greg Verdino-ROO, Ron Stevenson-GE, Reena Jana-BusinessWeek are all experts in their fields and can teach us the ins and outs of utilizing the internet/social media to achieve business goals in a timely and budget sensitive manner!

That is not all!  There are new tech products and services that business’ could use but may not know about.  How can you learn about them…how can you understand them?  The answer:  by experiencing them first hand.  Check this out:  TVEyes (TV, Video and Podcasting search engines), ROO (video and TV on the web), Ingenio (call per click advertising on the web), Dial-A-Note powered by CiviCom (helps you dicate into your phone and then sends you the written version via email the next day), Clearlight Pictures (interactive websites and guided messages), Remembrix (knowledge capturing tool), MultiVu (taking a press release and making it live via podcasts and video), ZoomInfo (a search engine that gives you info on people you could never find on google and yahoo), MarketWire (taking a press release, embedding codes so that the release leads viewers right back to your website)…and more.

Can it get any better than this?  Are you missing out on something spectacular?  Not if you sign up for the Business Smart Tools Conference on June 13th in Stamford.  Go to www.BusinessSmartTools.com for more information and to register.