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Creative Concepts has 15 years’ of achievement as a pioneering digital, public relations and marketing agency working with national and international clients such as Bigelow Tea, Bulldog Skincare for Men North America, Watermark Retirement Communities, Ecover, Ouidad & more. Innovation and collaboration are at the core of our business with ethical behavior being our most prized value.


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"Keeping up with today’s form of communication is essential to be a success in the marketplace. As a family company, I knew how important it was to establish a direct relationship with our customers and give them a chance to know our family as well as it was for us to truly hear what the customers have to say. But we could not have achieved the success we have accomplished in this arena without the support and commitment of Valorie Luther and the Creative Concepts team. They got to know us, know what we stand for, and understood where we wanted to go and then used social media and PR to share our story and our news which allowed us to touch our consumers. I think about what we have been able to do and I know that we could never have done it without Valorie by our side." - Cindi Bigelow, President and CEO

Bigelow Tea

“Valorie has been a great partner for the Ouidad brand as we have expanded our presence, dialogue, and relationships with our customers.  She and the Creative Concepts team created an amazing blog for ouidad.com that added rich relevant content, search driven traffic, and discussions with our customers.  Valorie delivered creative ideas and content for our site and for other marketing programs.  And she has provided great advice on how to make our social networking programs stronger.” - Patrick Campbell, Marketing Director


“Valorie and her Creative Concepts team are top-shelf in every possible sense. Valorie is thoughtful, creative, resourceful and whip-smart. I couldn’t make a more emphatic recommendation for her or the agency overall.” -Kipling Wagner, National Communications Manager


“Valorie Luther is remarkable to work with! She presented a clear plan and provided real projections for our social media and PR outreach and campaigns. Valorie and her Creative Concepts team stayed on schedule daily/weekly/monthly, and delivered on our awareness build for PROXI Products. Valorie dramatically improved our Social Media strategy and messaging, developed and guided a PR plan for our key markets, and reinvented and ran our blog. She and her team were able to kick off all those projects within just weeks. Within the first month we had blogger reviews and interaction which allowed us to reach our target demographic. Within the second month, we saw traction from Creative Concepts’ PR outreach. Using Creative Concepts even generated a cost savings for our online monitoring. Valorie is the rare individual who has all the best qualities of delivering on her proposed social media strategy while utilizing her agency expertise, organization, and enthusiasm for the Brand.” - Barbara Benton, Vice President Marketing

PROXI Products

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