Video, as you may have heard, is a very hot property these days! Everyone wants in on the YouTube power of exposure, especially companies. Unfortunately not many deliver it on a regular basis. Videos either seem too much like an ad similar to those on TV (which doesn’t have the same pull online) or the videos are a glimpse into our neighbors backyard which initially makes us curious but bores us quickly too.

In an online video we just produced and distributed for Bigelow Tea, I believe we found the right mix of human interest and honest (important!) statements about the product. Joe Torre and Phil Simms have been drinking Bigelow Green Tea for quite some time and for personal reasons. Cindi Bigelow has been living the Green Tea dream at her families’ company, Bigelow Tea. When these three inviting personalities got together and chatted on a park bench in NYC, magic happened.

Take a look for yourself and see: