We were flattered to see our client, Bigelow Tea, mentioned in Stephanie Schwab’s recent post on how to schedule blog content.  She cites the Bigelow Tea blog‘s occasional use of celebrity-driven tea stories, correctly surmising that celebrities + tea + health benefits = quick and easy ‘feel-good’ reads that have built-in SEO juice.

If you want to grow your company’s blog but you’re stuck for inspiration or overwhelmed by time constraints, here are some additional tips we at Creative Concepts frequently apply to our clients’ blogs:

  • Know (and write for) your audience(s). Odds are, your brand appeals to more than just one type of customer.  Identify the various audience segments who might find value in your blog posts.  Then, ensure that each of your posts appeals directly to at least one of those segments — science, sales, history, culture, celebrity, how-to, etc.
  • Holidays are your friends. It seems like every day in America is National Something-or-Other Day, or World Whatchamacallit Week.  In what ways can your brand connect with each of these opportunities?  Writing about Bigelow Tea during National Iced Tea Month is obvious; writing about them during American Heart Month is an opportunity to connect with health-conscious readers.
  • Surveys provide a one-two punch. Not only do they offer a chance for your readers to weigh in on a topic, but their answers can help you better understand what they’re most interested in.  For example, when our client Ouidad asked readers what their favorite Ouidad product was, their responses indicated that one of their products was a hands-down winner.  That feedback gave us an opportunity to help Ouidad create more content that showcases their top products, and to highlight those products whose benefits may not be as well-known.
  • Find the best in-house writers. Some of the best voices for the Ouidad blog are the stylists at the Ouidad salons, who can speak firsthand about their experiences behind the chair.  And if someone has a great story but they’re not writers by nature, you can always interview them and then publish their story as a Q&A.

Of course, even the best content can’t find readers if it’s buried deep in a stack of “to-do list” items.  By sticking to an achievable blog management schedule, you’ll ensure those posts get written, published and read in a reliable fashion.