One of our clients, The Orthodontic Center, had an interesting task for us to accomplish. Dr. Christie, the Director, wanted a website that not only gave out meaningful information about his practice but he wanted to share his research (he is internationally known for developing the Facial Print technology) in addition to finding new patients both near and far.

We at Creative Concepts had the perfect solution. We created a website that had a home page and 2 static pages (about us and “how we keep you smiling” which explains the Facial Print technology) plus we included 2 blogs that were seamless with the static pages.

The first blog titled, “we are talking,” is for the parents of the patients or the adult patients to read the latest news and also share their comments and/or questions. Also on this page, Dr. Christie can reveal his latest research and his staff can relay tips for the kids and parents. This page helps any new family feel comfortable with the process of braces because they can speak with The Orthodontic Center without going into the office….they can discover more on this page compared with many typical static pages of most websites because the information is always evolving because it is a blog.

The second blog is for the kids (the design is focused on the kids too). Kids are blogging and sharing their thoughts about getting braces plus their news about school, music, sports….this is a place where the kids can talk if they are getting nervous about getting braces…this is a place where they can make friends which may end up being the biggest marketing tool around.

We are very excited about this site and how blogging is being used as a communication and marketing tool. This is truly an example of how any business can use blogging for many purposes.