I know of a woman who runs her own one person show of a company.  I found her online and decided to use her for a couple of design jobs because I liked how she approached new work and I quite frankly loved her designs.  I knew nothing about her…I had never met her (she lives in Scotland)..I took a chance.

She does a great job with all contact being via internet (at least with me).  She is very clear with all business transactions.  Having said all of that, I still didn’t know her…not like you would with someone you just met in person. 

As I continued to work with her, I found her blog.  It was a blog about her life, her loves (child, husband, art….) and her business.  As I read more entries, I of course discovered more about her and felt like I knew her a little better.  I made some comments about her blog in one of our business emails that were going back and forth at a rapid pace.  It was a very nice person to person moment minus eye contact. 

One of the things she mentioned was that she was always worried about clients reading her blog because business, in the past, has taught us to separate the personal life from the career.  I, on the other hand, was grateful for her blog because I realized that we had many things in common which of course made me more comfortable doing business with her.

This is the beauty of blogging.  If you do it right, you are honest and straightforward about everything you are talking about and if you blog from the mind and the heart, you can’t help but gain supporters, followers, friends, and clients.

Business today has changed.  The world has been and continues to go through so many twists and turns with people being honest or not.  We need to rely on something or someone as our way of doing business becomes more and more global and our expectations decline in judging people’s character.

Blogging is taking the place of the good ole hand shake, the drink at the local bar or the talk around the water cooler.  You can’t help but get a glimpse of who the person is behind the blog…words end up being very revealing!

There truly is beauty in blogging!