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When I do any public speaking, attend a cocktail party where people ask about social media, or meet a potential new client, one of the first things people ask is how do they or their company produce enough content to fill a week’s worth of postings on their social media profiles. Simple, I say, repurpose content that already exists within the company and share, share, share.

I often find that while people may be passionate about their product or service and might very well be experts, they undervalue their knowledge which then translates into not making the connection between taking the content they are already creating and sharing it via social media so here are some tips that might ignite an ahhhh moment when it comes to your brand’s social media content planning:

  1. Already creating an email blast on a regular basis? The content you create here can be formatted into a blog entry and you can link to it multiple times when posting on the social channels. No blog? Host your email newsletter online, better yet share the email blast on a landing page on your website and link to it often. Helpful hint: tell your readers in the email that the same content is hosted online and they can view and share it as many times as they wish. This allows you to create 360° of traffic between your website, the email and the social networks where the content is shared.
  2. Do you have someone internally doing press releases? Work with an agency to manage your PR? All content produced for the media can be reconstructed many ways and then shared often via social media. Helpful hint: take the press release and post it to your blog or website and link back to it often when posting to twitter, Facebook and more.
  3. Does your company produce or sell white papers? Take a few powerful thoughts from each section and share as separate updates with your online community and always include a link back to the original white paper so they can read or purchase the paper in its entirety. Helpful hint: you have enough content via these papers to fill your social media channels for months so use it to urge your reader to take an action that benefits your business.
  4. Has your company produced a manual or video for new employees? If so, I bet there are some cool facts included about the history of your business. Grab the info and share online. Helpful hint: a top goal for a brand’s social media should be to drive readers back to the website where the new visitors can either learn more about your company or buy a product or service. Interesting facts will spark curiosity and will hopefully drive the most inquisitive back to your website.
  5. And what about your website? You have spent hours, days, weeks and most likely months putting it together so grab various snippets of content (images, words, and/or videos) and link back to it from your social channels. Helpful hint: does your product come in two colors or two slightly different variations? Sounds like a tweet to me!
  6. Does your company attend various events or trade shows? If so I bet you are producing content to give to interested potential customers as they pass by your booth. What can you do with that messaging? I think you get the point now, fill your social channels with your newly repurposed content.

And one more final helpful hint: if you are already producing newsletters, whitepapers, press releases and brochures and distributing to an already interested audience, make sharing the content easy so your biggest supporters can easily turn into brand ambassadors who help you get the word out about just how great you are! Remember you have what it takes to reach your next customer online with content that is already sitting in front of you, just use it again and again.

Valorie Luther, Founder and Executive Director, Creative Concepts


(Art by Poldas)