Social media is about people. Companies are about profit. Finding ways to bridge that gap can sometimes seem tricky.

But there’s one commonality that’s always worth discussing: charity.

Most companies have at least one charitable cause that they feel passionate about, usually for personal reasons. And whenever your company invests their time and effort in a cause other than direct profit, that’s a potential feel-good story that your employees and your customers can get behind.

For example, consider our clients here at Creative Concepts:

Ouidad and her family have been personally affected by breast cancer. In response, Ouidad founded her own charity to help raise funds for cancer research.

Bigelow Tea is a family business that invests heavily in the communities surrounding their facilities, especially in their home state of Connecticut.

Why do we mention our clients’ non-profit endeavors?

Because they’re the kinds of stories that remind customers how the products they purchase are, ultimately, created by human beings.  These are the conversations that help the people on both sides of the storefront find a common ground, and remove the barriers that make us think of all businesses as impersonal moneymaking machines.

Ultimately, social media and business are about people.

Your company is people.

Don’t forget to remind your customers — and yourselves.

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