Had a situation which is a good example of what makes the successful people stand apart from the rest.

I know of some people who say they do PR, public relations.  In a perfect world, they would be proactive and search out PR opportunities (of which there are many) in the organization that they represent.  They would write the story, send it out to the appropriate press and follow up until the story is told.  Well like I said that would be a perfect world.  In an imperfect world, they would at least take what people give them, write the story and then send it out and follow up.  In a less than perfect world, they would take a well written press release and photo with ids and tell the contributor that they don’t have any contacts and they never get their stories in the papers which basically told the contributor to find someone else to send the release and photo out.

Are you kidding me?  Can people really do stuff like this and still think they are helping?

When these PR people were approached and challenged, they were of course outraged.  How could anyone say they weren’t helping?  Again, are you kidding me?  How about asking,” hey, what have I done wrong and how can I correct this situation!”

See, this is what makes the successful people stand out from the others.  Successful people and businesses never turn away from their responsiblities.  Beyond not turning away from their responsibilities, they go above and beyond to complete their job and help others so the whole organization succeeds.  There is no place for defensiveness, for the words “I can’t do it” or the word “no.”  It’s about jumping in and doing no matter how fearful you are, no matter how many times people say no…just do it. 

One day the hard working people with the service first business will succeed.  The employees with the best attitudes, the true team players who also think out of the box will be able to walk around with their heads held high and be proud that their best made a difference.

Success comes from lots of hard work and the ability to say what did I do wrong, what did I do right and how can I help whether it be a public relations job or not!!!