I didn’t know Paul Beyer, really. We lived in the same community, our kids ran into each other often, never met his wife, yet Paul Beyer is all I have been thinking about this week. From the limited knowledge I have, Paul Beyer worked in the software industry in CA. and then moved to CT. where he worked for a company in the NY metro area (I only know this because of Linkedin) Not sure why he made the move…could have been his wife’s family was here….it’s a nice place to live…a new job brought him. Whatever the reasons were, they all ended abruptly last week when Paul Beyer died suddenly leaving his son, his step daughter, his wife and extended family and his job behind him.

Oh yes, his job. He worked for Comosoft who I have never heard of but seem to be a solid company who’s technology aids and supports the catalog and fashion industries. I noticed that at one point this company had Paul mentioned in their management team page on their website but as abruptly as Paul died, they stripped all of his information away. No mention of him, no memorial of any kind. While Paul did not die from natural causes and some would say with a little controversy, Comosoft could have handled the passing of a good man with much more grace and empathy!

Whenever a company is faced with any kind of crisis whether it be large or small, the best way always to move forward is with complete honesty and openess. Did Comosoft need to go into detail about their relationship with Paul and how he died? Absolutely not (we could leave that to the Fairfield Minuteman who used no discretion or empathy for a grieving family!). A simple statement from Comosoft’s CEO would have worked…words that revealed that Paul worked for Comosoft…thoughts that showed they were sorry for the loss.

A human voice behind a company that shows compassion for another human being should be simple and should be necessary for any business to succeed!