According to research in US markets, companies who say they use social media primarily to strengthen customer loyalty spend almost twice as much on social media as companies who use these same tools primarily to increase brand awareness.

These findings reinforce the “conversational” nature of social media, in which long-term connectivity is more valuable than short-term awareness.  Individual campaigns might grab a person’s attention, but the cumulative effect of multiple campaigns, consistent customer service and day-to-day engagement adds up to a stronger relationship between a brand and its customers.

Are You Giving Your Customers a Reason to Stick Around?

If longevity of customer relationships is a relevant way to measure the impact of your company’s social media efforts, what are you doing online to remind your customers that they’re welcome and valued?  Some examples might include…

  • Twitter or Facebook-only sales promotions
  • Special live events for your social media followers
  • Announcing new products and opportunities online first
  • Providing online forums where your customers can congregate
  • Publicly thanking your top customers
  • Granting them permission to re-use and mash-up some of your branding
  • Soliciting and sharing tips & suggestions from your audience
  • Highlighting the great things your customers are doing, apart from your official sales relationship

What other social media tips can you think of to make your customers feel like they’re more than just a number?

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