We at Creative Concepts have been happily and crazily busy!  Working on bringing new clients aboard with our present clients expanding what they want to do both online with social media and off line with more traditional PR and Marketing.  Videos have also taken off with a slew of them going live soon for various clients (check www.CreativeConceptsVideos.com for updates).

With all of this expansion comes a shuffle of job responsibilities internally.  Julie is a content manager with expansion into sales and account managment and she is doing a great job!  Paula, who is still relatively new with us, is working on many behind the scenes support projects to help keep our clients moving forward at a fast pace.  Nicoline, as usual, is doing an amazing job supporting our various clients while building our PowerPoint presentations and reports that are unique for each potential client and client with the help of newly designed slides from Presentation Partners.  Cecilia, who was recenly quoted on Flacker, has become our media and blogger research queen while Andrea, who has returned to Creative Concepts, is doing mucho phone work for our clients.  Justin, who is forever our social media, marketing and video genius, is doing what he always does, he is producing exceptional work that keeps our clients coming back for more.  And let’s not forget our amazing developers, writing and design staff, they create the base for all that we do!

So if I haven’t written a blog entry for awhile, it’s not because I don’t believe in the power of the written word because if you know me, that’s what I am all about..it’s because I am working hard to bring great success to our clients and working hard at making sure the Creative Concepts team are well managed and happy!