Email marketing remains an effective, integral part of a brand’s marketing strategy yet it lacks the attention that the internet and social media receive in the digital age.

There are many email marketing myths floating around the web like when the best time is to send email as well as when people tend to open them. PR Daily recently reported on common email marketing myths and included an infographic from Alchemy Worx.

Here are a few of the email marketing myths cited:

  • Consumers are drowning in emails from trusted brands. Fact: Sixty percent received less than 6 brand emails per day.
  • Consumers like to click the spam button. Fact: Less than one subscriber per 2,000 will report the email as spam.
  • The subject line can get the email marked as spam. Fact: Keywords have little to no effect whether an email goes into the spam folder.

Take a look at the infographic and plan your next email campaign with confidence.

email marketing myths