In the not-so-distant past, public relations professionals faxed and mailed press kits and news releases to media sources. News was published the next day or even the following week.

Nowadays news breaks at lightning speed over Twitter and through email, being distributed in real time via online channels. Daily newspapers seem dated if news breaks earlier the day before.

There is a new media segment to target – influencers – they are niche bloggers with their own websites and readerships.

Technology and the internet have completely changed the pace of how news and information spreads, increasing at breakneck speed.

The pressure to keep up requires that PR pros stay schooled in the latest technologies while staying true to traditional forms of relationship building. These are trying times!

The firm InkHouse Media + Marketing released an infographic that compares PR then versus PR now. What do you like most about PR 2.0? What do you miss from the olden days?