ID-100256490The intersection of social media and public relations can be a complicated union.

Brands and businesses need to incorporate a process that places social media within the public relations strategy.

Forbes recently wrote “Winning Social Media Strategies for Public Relations” The article highlights social media tips for public relations professionals pulled from a pool of experts.

Here is the list of tips for better social media strategies in public relations.

1. Be brief and don’t be boring. Twitter has forced us to write in shorter snappy snippets. Images combined with messaging are powerful on Instagram and Pinterest. Brevity is key for a sound social strategy.

2. Be newsworthy. Don’t be afraid to tie into a news story. Offer your opinion on it as an expert.

3. Be helpful. Find and follow media folks and offer help. Become a valued resource and keep the sales pitches out of social.

4. Avoid Facebook. Depending on your business, Facebook works with a few strategies such as community outreach, building groups and other brand promotions. But for many other public relations initiatives, you are better served utilizing other social media networks.

5. Be live. Be responsive and real to the public on your social networks. Customer service and crisis communications are key areas in which social networks can extend your reach to customers.

What are some ways your business uses social media for public relations?

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