We have so much to celebrate here on the Creative Concepts blog!  In 2011 we shifted gears by welcoming numerous voices instead of one….great writers and strategists who have shared their research and/or life experiences with our readers which has made all of us much wealthier with knowledge.  Today we are reviewing the best of the best from 2011:

One of our amazing strategists Stephanie Schwab always seems to hit home with her instructive and interesting social media blog entries but “How To Create an Editorial Calendar,” “How Brands Can Use Instagram,” and “Use Social Media to Rock Your Next In Person Event”  especially clicked with our readers.  Stephanie, while still a strategist for Creative Concepts, is no longer contributing to our blog and we will miss her…thanks Stephanie for your contribution!!

Next up we have Heather Rast who has done us all the favor of writing about social media and mobile marketing.  She began by asking “Where Does Mobile Fit Into Your Multi-Channel Strategy” which then lead us to learning about “Geo Location Apps For Business” and then back to the very enjoyable and festive “7+ Holiday Gifts To Make Your Social Media Marketing Bright.”  We are looking forward to a new year of entries focused on social media for business…can’t wait Heather!

And who hasn’t enjoyed Susan Wagner‘s posts?  Her writing is both entertaining and educational as seen with “Partnering With Bloggers Will Help Build Your Brand,”Strategies For Finding The Best Blogger For Your Brand, and “Sponsoring A Blogger Is Good For Your Brand.”  Businesses hunger for this kind of information so we are grateful for Susan and look forward to learning more from her in 2012!

If you are in marketing, then you probably have seen countless studies on what teens think and what they are doing online.  We are lucky to have our own teen who is an expert on being a teen of course.  Jerelyn Luther has shared great thoughts on “Using Facebook To Connect To Her Favorite TV Shows,” “Insights On Teens and Texting,” and she answers the question about the new report by Pew Research Institute that says “Facebook Makes Teens Antisocial.”   Jerelyn will be attending Yale University in the Fall of 2012 but there is lots more to come from her both before and after the big move!

Last but not least is Robin Phillips who is our resident Public Relations expert.  She has shared tips on pitching, building a media list, and follow up which are all elements, when done correctly, of a successful PR campaign.  We can’t wait to hear more in 2012 from our very own PR maven!

This is the end of our 2011 review.  We are looking forward to a new year filled with delightful surprises that only social media and public relations can bring.  Have a wonderful 2012 and please keep joining us every week as our writers continue to inspire us to learn more while teaching us the basics.