Ran into a PR firm who tried to play the social media game…they used buzz words in their client plan like “blog” and “viral marketing” without fully understanding the meaning or approach (look up the words at least so you know the definition)…ran into a company (many times) who says they have social media tools like video emails but all they want to do is create a pyramid scheme so they can make money off of your selling their product vs. their product being the answer to a business dilemma (Joe, you are loosing the quality race and in time will feel the affects of signing on the helpless and naive).

I have 2 points to make:  Social Media has now hit a new level of power and success because the bottom feeders, as my associate David Parmet calls them, are rising to the surface and trying to make money. 

My second point is why do so many PR people have to bullshit their way through the door….if they know something (please, anything at all), then stick to that or go out and learn a thing or two, practice it and then bring it to the customer. 

One of my goals is that Creative Concepts will change the face of PR!  The client will pay for actual work completed vs. paying for lots of empty words that amount to nothing.  CC isn’t going to lie and say we know how to do something if we have no idea.  If we have no idea about a topic or business direction, then we go out and educate ourselves to the point of becoming experts so we can pass on the knowledge so we can support our clients and vendors which always leads to a strong partnership!

There are so many PR firms out there who have frustrated and annoyed clients (did you know that your clients were feeling this way?  Did you ask?).  Creative Concepts will create positive buzz about the PR industry one client at a time.

On a side bar, I saw a study done by BzzAgent who says that word of mouth (for the above PR firm mentioned by me, this is “viral marketing”) hinges on quality not novelty.  Thank god, I always hope for the best to rise above!  People move towards the best of anything instinctively (the best movies, the best clothes, the best cars… have longer staying power) and so when you have a superior product, it is only a matter of time before the word gets out and stays out!

Quality always wins the race no matter how long that race can take.  Creative Concepts is here to stay!!