Ok, now you know I am into the corporate blogging…right?  You know that corporate blogging can help you market your service or product, it can help you spread your company message, blogging can make you and your company a trustworthy partner in the eyes of thousands of consumers just by sharing some honest and simple info about you and your corporate culture.

Blogging can be used as a marketing tool as I mentioned before.  One thing, I think, that is missing from corporate blogs is the branding.  If blogging can reach out to millions worldwide, wouldn’t you want your logo, your colors, your tag line, your visuals on the blog so people can learn about your brand or recognize it if it has been around for awhile?

With all of the new internet tools available to us, there still has to be consistency across the board with the branding!

Keep your eyes peeled to this blog for our corporate brand that will be put into place soon.

 Call if you need help with yours!  Valorie Luther, Principal, Creative Concepts, 203 259 4202 or info@creative-conceptsllc.com