Most companies consider Facebook, Twitter and blogs to be the cornerstones of their social media strategy.  If they invest in a fourth channel, it’s usually YouTube, because video is often a high-impact media asset.

But what about photos?

That’s where Flickr comes in.

While most of Flickr’s massive userbase are amateur or professional photographers, Flickr’s actual audience is as large as the web itself.  This makes Flickr increasingly attractive to brands seeking to capitalize on its unexplored traffic-driving possibilities.

Surely your company has dozens of product shots, photo spreads, news articles, in-house designs and personal candids that tell your brand’s story.  And those images might be interesting to long-time fans and potential customers alike.

How could your company use Flickr?

1.  Share your company’s history.

Bigelow Tea (our client) recently posted dozens of photos from their personal collection to Flickr, including family photos, building construction and classic product designs.

Bigelow Tea Tasting - 1972

As a family business (for 65 years and counting), Bigelow’s history is a family photo album, and they wanted to share their memories with their customers.  But they also wanted to ensure that curious tea drinkers could easily find their way to the Bigelow website, so we at Creative Concepts embedded links to any relevant Bigelow products within the text descriptions of each photo.  (Because if that photo of a vintage 1960s Constant Comment canister looks good now, why not order a box today?)

2.  Promote your fans.

Ouidad (also a client) is known as “the queen of curl.”  Her delighted customers often post photos of their amazing post-Ouidad hairstyles on Ouidad’s Facebook page.  But why stop there?

Ouidad Facebook Fan Photo

With our help, Ouidad has begun cross-posting fan photos (along with product shots and “before-and-after” images) to Flickr.  And, as with Bigelow, each Ouidad photo includes a text description with links inviting viewers to further explore the Ouidad product line or join Ouidad on Facebook.  (Because if their hair looks this good, shouldn’t yours?)

3.  Use Pictures to Solve a Problem.

The Redwood Rollers (not a client, but we still like their moxie) are a roller derby league in Humboldt County, California.  While Flickr provides them with a home for their photos — over 2,000 uploads so far! — it also provides them with a means to overcome a possible business pitfall: audience perception.


The sport of roller derby is increasingly popular, but it still takes a few extra nudges to get a skeptical viewer to attend his first live event.  What better way to convey the thrills of a fast-paced sport than with visuals?  Being able to see the competitors’ personalities and camaraderie up close can provide potential fans with the emotional fuel they need to get involved and start cheering.  (Plus, you can’t get this personal at the major leagues.)

So… still on the fence about Flickr?

Don’t just take our word for it — check out what these other worldwide brands are doing, from 7-11 to Urban Outfitters.  And then think about all the ways your company can make use of those overlooked images.

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