Hello all.  It has been awhile.  I have been working hard (day and night) on the Business Smart Tools Conference which takes place Tuesday, June 13, in Stamford from 1-6 (cocktail party included).  Go to www.BusinessSmartTools.com for more info.  Learn about the basics of blogging, podcasting, search engine marketing and more.  Network with the experts in these fields.  Check out the tech companies who are doing a demo of their products…very cool stuff.

Companies attending so far are GE, Hearst, BusinessWeek, 24/7Media, Digitas, McGraw Hill, Equity Office, Ryan Partnership, Pepperidge Farm, Bigelow Tea, Boots Retail USA, Pirro & Church and more!

So, had a great blog example yesterday that I am dying to share.  Had a vendor that I went to and asked for a proposal.  He said sure and I never heard from him.  I then wrote about him in my blog (I have another blog: www.EntertainingNews.blogspot.com) and talked about him specifically and how I couldn’t trust him because of not following through with a simple proposal. 

Now the purpose of this blog is to share the dos and donts of entertaining and of course to share my experiences so others can learn.  This guy got wind of my blog (probably through a google search) and called me.  He couldn’t believe that I had written about him.  This was his business he said.  He said he sent me the proposal (via email…first time it got bounced back..do you think this would be a call to follow up?).  He said I should not have mentioned him until I called him first (why so I could threaten him into action…I don’t think so even though I know people who have done such things with great success).

Wow, very interesting.  I said that I could write about him and that is what blogging is all about (you know…free speech and all).  I said that I simply shared my experience and the fact was he never followed up.  I said he was lucky to learn a lesson via a blog before his cash register is hit and he doesn’t know why.

The power of blogging is good for all business.  It is an immediate venting tool for the customer and it is a forum for companies to learn first hand what is on the mind of their clients. 

Tell me again why more companies aren’t invovled in the blogging world?  Oh yes, they haven’t come to the Business Smart Tools Conference yet.  Reserve your spot today, www.BusinessSmartTools.com

See you in Stamford!