Well, today was interesting…ummm, not quite the right word!  I headed into NYC to check out the Ad Age Digital Marketing Conference.  This conference was $450 and for that I didn’t get a seat in the main area, didn’t get a program or extra handouts and didn’t even get water on the table (yes there were glasses but no water).

Yes the Ad Age Digital Marketing Conference succumbed to the let’s pack them in, let’s not plan, and let’s not work the event to take advantage of the speakers and guests!  Ok we heard about the Dove campaign (who hasn’t right), the panel was barely motivated to speak with Jonah Bloom moderating, and Abbey Klaassen seemed to have her favorite speakers (Manning Field from Chase) but was quite edgy with the audience (when no one had a question for one of the case study speakers, she asked if anyone understood what was going on)…lovely! 

Here is news for you Abbey, not only did we understand but we have heard it all before…don’t you have anything worthwhile to present to a group of people who paid $450…oh yes, you got your money and ran and didn’t look back. 

One redeeming note for Miss Abbey, after I went begging the staff for water and a program, Abbey gave me her program but couldn’t care about the others who didn’t have anything cause she needed to be “miked.”

On a positive note, I met Steve Rubel of Edelman and the Micro Persuasion blog.  What a nice guy.  After speaking with him, I didn’t realize what a fan I was! 

It is always good for me to attend various events and conferences to understand all facets of pleasing (and not pleasing) your audience.  I stil haven’t been to a conference like Buisness Smart Tools where the goal is truly to learn and share information…the speakers are the decision makers, the information is focused on how to make this digital/interactive/online stuff work in a business environment, the demos help expand the attendees experience and learn what is going on out there, and the networking is huge during the cocktail party where everyone gets up and walks around…a very big difference from hearing from some agencies who are winging it and having your lunch at your seat where you have sat since 9:00am.

Come to the conference in May and feel the difference…I promise enough water for everyone!