Yes everyone is writing about social media…millions of articles about how you as a business should be utilizing the social networks…linkedin, facebook, blogging….so now you have heard it, you read it every day, you have tried to get on board but how does it all really begin?

There are many “social media experts” out there…those who know just enough of the verbiage to get the new account, those who might know a little something more to create an online conversation but not enough to keep it coming, and then there are the true experts who are in the thick of it all and understand how to build an online community for themselves and their clients…they have believed in social media for years, not just months.   They are the true social media experts who don’t call themselves experts because they are forever learning and then share the wealth with their clients.

These social media enthusiasts have a very good idea of your short and long term communication and marketing strategies!  They are very clear about your branding whether you are using words and/or images!  They have studied what each social media channel demands and what your particular community wishes which means they know how to  listen first!  And then they combine all of these skills and communicate effectively!  These experts are clever and empathetic…good listeners with entertaining and knowledge-filled comments, and they know how to engage and build a community one person at a time.

Does this sound hard?  Something to be afraid of?  Maybe just a little, but knowing you have lead your business to where it is today, how can this one step be that much different than putting on an event, writing a press release or creating an ad?  As I say in this article in the Illinois CPA society magazine, Insight, “in every channel, you can find your next consumer, an individual who is interested in hearing your brand’s message!”  Now if that isn’t motivating enough to jump into social media (with a true expert by your side to relieve the anxiety), then I don’t know what is!