A New PR and Marketing Plan for a Tech Start Up


A Connecticut based tech start up hired a New York City PR/Marketing firm that had promised to help launch the product both locally and nationally. The problem began when the hired firm didn’t understand the product and its various potential users, plus they didn’t have a long term strategy in place. This agency also wasn’t moving quickly enough to justify the large monthly retainer.


Creative Concepts worked hard at understanding every facet of this new internet product.

Creative Concepts then came in to partner with the primary firm in order to expand the tech outreach and to cover the local press. We were willing to pitch in where needed.


Based on the needs of the client, Creative Concepts ended up providing direction with the website and the press (local and national, on and offline) and we created small highly managed and unique marketing events that packed a punch, plus we got on the phones to reach out to potential advertising customers for this new and innovative online product!

We moved quickly and produced results that were hard to miss (feature articles in all of the local newspapers and blog mentions that lead to 10,000 hits on the website in two days).

We became the primary firm on the account because we continued to support the goals of the tech start-up.