Ouidad backstage at NYC Fashion Week 2011
Ouidad, backstage with the curly models of NYC Fashion Week 2011

When your brand is well-known in your field, you have a story worth telling.  But how do you find new audiences to share that story with?

You find something everyone has in common.

For example, it’s no secret that the fashion world has invested heavily in the social media market.  Tools like Twitter and Facebook, which are built to fuel conversations, are a perfect match for an industry that thrives on opinion.  And while not every brand is necessarily fashion-forward, a forward-thinking brand can always find ways to bridge that gap.

During this year’s Fashion Week in New York City, two of our Creative Concepts clients learned just how exhilarating the fashion world can be.

Ouidad (the best friend a curly girl could ever have) was live-tweeting backstage from several Fashion Week shows and shoots, sharing photos and channeling buzz as the fashion magic was happening.  Why?  Because, as a hair care expert who’s focused on empowerment and education, Ouidad knows that surrounding yourself with beauty is a key building block in your lifelong quest to feel fabulous!

Another of our clients, the eco-cleaning innovators Ecover, were thrilled to support Study, a sustainable fashion brand from Tara St. James that proves the fashion world sees “green” as more than just a color.  And since Ecover and Study are each using social media to communicate their passion for a cleaner, greener world, Ecover’s sponsorship provided the perfect opportunity to give each brand a common talking point which they could share with their own audiences.

So, how can your brand find new ways to share its expertise and passion with a new audience that might be a step or two removed from your existing fanbase?

First, find common ground — or a common enemy.  Then, reach out.  Be valuable.  Be interesting.  Be supportive.  Be worth knowing.

(And if you can do it while looking amazing in Armani or Burberry, there’s nothing wrong with that either!)