Yahoo, blogging again!

Well, can you believe that I am so busy trying to get my blogging/new media conference together that I actually have not had time to blog?  How funny is that?

Good news about the New Media conference in June is that David Pogue is coming on board along with David Pamet (just today…yahoo again) and many others who I will highlight in future entries.

The boo hoo news is that Shel Israel, an all around nice guy, blogging expert and co-author of Naked Conversations, will not be on board but we hope to make a connection of some business kind in the near future!!

Heard another blogging expert speak today, B.L. Ochman.  Outside of some actual technical difficulties in setting up her powerpoint presentation, she made some good points about her blogging success with the Budget account.  Love her success stories but she assummed that most of the audience knew what she was talking about to begin with.  I looked around and while I think most attendees were trying to understand, quite a few were lost and some were yawning. 

If you don’t try to capture everyone in the room (and I know you can’t get everyone) you might as well pack up your powerpoint presentation and go home!  How can anyone assume that everyone knows what blogging is…did she ask?  Did she have a profile of the typical attendee?  If she had she would know that most people in the room don’t even know the basic definition of a blog. 

That is where the Creative Concepts Conference comes in.  There will be no assumptions, just education along with excitement!  June 13 from 2-6.  Stay tuned!

One thought on “Yahoo, blogging again!

  1. hi: Glad you enjoyed my presentation.

    “How can anyone assume that everyone knows what blogging is…did she ask?”
    Yes, that was the first question I asked. Not one person raised their hand to say they did not know what a blog was. If they were embarrassed to admit it, they should have been. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of blogs by now.

    “Did she have a profile of the typical attendee?”
    I was told by the organizers of the event that the audience would all know the basics of blogging. After all, they are communications professionals. And as i noted, PR people who don’t know what a blog is will soon be asking “Would you like fries with that.”

    Steve Rubel spoke about the basics of blogging to the same group A YEAR AGO.
    B.L. Ochman
    What’s Next Blog

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