Just came across a new women’s site called ShesConnected.  The point is that you can have many sides of you represented in one place online…family, friends, co workers…no matter who you want to connect with, you can have many profiles representing the many sides of your female self (and let’s face it…we have numerous faces during 1 day!). 

For anyone who is online often, we spend too much time splintered between our blog, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and more depending on our interests.  I have believed for a long time that we are going to find a way to be, for the most part, in one spot online..one that takes care of all of our needs.  For me right now it’s Facebook but I also love friendfeed which takes all of my feeds and puts them in one place. 

There are countless others out there on Ning.com and beyond.  Which destination is your favorite?  And why?