“Yet another calendar” is what I am seeing from many in the blogosphere who aren’t taking the time to look at Vivapop closely…not having to search the web for info about your favorite organizations is a time saver because it is all within Vivapop for the beta city of Greenwich, CT (and nationwide before too long)…being able to download specific info into my calendar (my daughter takes ballet on Tuesdays at 4 or I want to see the ballet on 10/14 in NYC) is huge, being able to share this calendar with the rest of the family or friends is advatageous, sync and phone access help too….and for a premier advertiser who has something truly special to offer:  interested eyeballs…and for business people who need to market themselves/products/services, again, have interested eyeballs searching for info on insurance companies, banks, financial advisors or whatever within the merchant calendars…come on, the Vivapop list of features is growing and it comes from the founder and developer Elizabeth Tarbell living a busy life with family and career…this is useful and good stuff!