Vivapop Pops

I am so happy to say that my client, Vivapop, is popping after a lot time, energy, passion, and enthusiasm!!  Vivapop is a web based community calendar that can make anyone’s life easier by sharing calendars, sync to Outlook, phone access and a choice of hundreds of calendars from local not for profits, schools, stores and restaurants (all Greenwich CT based now but national before long) that you can pop right into your calendar.  Techcrunch and TechAddress loves it and so do I!  Way to go Elizabeth…keep up the good work!

One thought on “Vivapop Pops

  1. Yes, we are receiving a lot of feedback that Vivapop is something very unique and special. I would love to spend some time talking and interviewing the folks and Vivapop. I f you can make the connection for me, I’d appreciate it.


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