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Study: Online Video Viewers Are Engaged by Ads

40% Clicked a Link or Visited Site Mentioned in Online Spots

By Kris Oser Published: April 09, 2006 NEW YORK ( —

Many consumers aren’t aware that video exists on the Internet, but the number of video watchers is growing, and those who do watch are very engaged with advertising according to new research.

The study results suggest that consumers are engaging the ads they encounter in online video advertisements.

The numbers of those who interact with video ads is high, said a study by the Online Publishers Association and Frank N. Magid Associates. Some 40% of video viewers have clicked on an accompanying link or visited a Web site mentioned in the video.

Among actions taken, 50% of heavy viewers visited a Web site mentioned in the video, compared with just 40% of total viewers. Up to 45% of heavy users looked for more information on an advertised product by querying a search engine; only 33% of total viewers did so.

Clicking on a link is less popular, even among heavy users of video, with only 20% doing so, vs. 17% of total viewers. Finally 20% of heavy users took no action, and 31% of total viewers did nothing.

Online video viewers are frequent consumers of multiple media. Ninety-one percent use the Internet for e-mail, IM or chat, while 84% use the Net for purposes other than communication. Some 59% read newspapers online; 48% watch videos or DVDs; 46% read magazines; and 43% play online video games.

The research, conducted in February surveyed 1,241 Internet users representative of the U.S. population, ages 12 to 64.

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