internetzooHave you ever wondered what the ideal length of a social media message should be?

As communicators, choosing the right words is important to effectively convey your message. Selecting the right length for different channels and platforms can be challenging.

This infographic from SumAll and Buffer, titled “The ideal length of everything online,” shows how long online content should be. It is a great guideline to use for online messaging.

Here are a few examples:

  • Facebook – 40 characters.¬†Posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than posts with more than that amount.
  • Tweets – 71 – 100 characters. Tweets shorter than 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate.
  • Blog Headline – 6 words. People tend to read only the first and last three words of a headline.
  • Email subject lines – 28 – 39 characters. Subject lines of this length tend to get a click rate of 4% on average.
  • YouTube Videos – 3 minutes. Most videos are pretty short – the average length of the top 50 videos is 2 minutes, 54 seconds.

Read the infographic below to find out about LinkedIn, Slideshare, Podcasts and more.

It helps to experiment with message length and see what works best for your business.