Am putting together, as we speak, a seminar/forum for corporate executives on blogging, podcasting and other new media.  I am sure this has been done many times out in CA. where all the action is but good old Connecticut hasn’t seen much of this.

Based on our experience with clients, many businesses seem to know about blogging and are interested but don’t know how to take the first steps.  I know that void exists because it happened to me with my other blog,  I set it up, messed around so I could find my way through the basics, registered with some directories and then I hit a wall.  I didn’t have time to figure everything else out and the information wasn’t readily available at the time.  I luckily found Sabine who is now my blogging expert.  Her blog is  She reports on the ins and outs of blogging for business.

Because of my experience and my team, we can now advise and direct clients through successful blogging.  Through the seminar, we will be able to reach out to many more clients who are curious but clueless about blogging and podcasting.

If you can’t wait for the seminar (mid June, stay tuned for more details), give me a call so we can move you along the blogging road, Valorie Luther 203 259 4202,