Wanted to give a thanks to David Parmet, www.parmet.net/pr, blog author and director of Marketing Begins at Home for being a quick supporter of the amazing conference coming up in June on social media: blogging, podcasting, and more.

David is going to speak on blogging at the Business Smart Tools Conference in June in Stamford.  I am sure he will touch on more than blogging…we are covering podcasting, video/tv, internet advertising and much more.  We as a group also need to look at where social media is heading and how that affects us in business and ultimately our lives.

The website will go live this week and you can purchase tickets there.  If you are really anxious to reserve your place for this amazing forum on new and social media, then send your contact information and check for $300.00 to Creative Concepts, PO Box 845, Southport, CT  06890.

Stay tuned for coverage of other speakers and events within the event!