Well, it seems like I talk all day long about the new media, and I am not complaining…had a great time at the Greenwich, CT Chamber where I spoke for quite some time on social media (the general topic at hand was “communication”). 

I was one of three speakers.  One gentleman complained about email and the general lack of attention to detail like spelling, and the other speaker spoke on how to get noticed by your clients via email/voicmail.  They came to the conclusion that everyone/clients want to connect with someone vs. a cold hard computer screen.  I backed them up and was very happy to say that while technology today seems cold, daunting and a pain, when understood and used correctly, it can bring back that warm and fuzzy feeling back…a sense of connection that we haven’t had in a long time.  One attendee talked about how his family is spread out from the US to abroad.  A grandmother died and they were able to connect via blogs and email and they conversed in this way for 9 months.  It made them all feel warm and cozy.

So my point?  It is the connection that makes people want to buy…it is the connection that makes people return calls and emails…connect through blogging, podcasting, through embedded videos on your website, connect online (and off) and the world is your oyster!