Greg Verdino over at Digitas has a great blog!  He writes about trends among other things and is now being quoted in the press.  One of the latest subjects has been about Second Life.  Greg talks about how Starwood Hotels got a lot of hype for creating “Aloft” which was an online resort in this online world where you can live a second made up life, buy things (with Second Life money) and now, experience violence.  The draw for many is that any player can recreate themselves and be anything they want to be.  Well the problem with Starwood is that they carved out a spot for themselves but didn’t work their new place after all was said and done…they have a hotel but no greeeters or staff which in the real world wouldn’t be good for business and in Second Life amounts to the same.

As Greg points out, when any company makes a bold move into these new forays, you can’t just create it, walk away, and think you are getting anywhere.  As with anything else in business (or life for that matter), make a choice, stick with it and work it the best you can.  This applies to blogging, podcasting, press releases or just keeping up with the bookkeeping.  If you let things go, any initial effort is a waste of time and money!  Consistentcy with every campaign or any effort will win the prize at the end of the day!