Well, we did it.  The Business Smart Tools Conference went off not only smoothly but grandly as the speakers did what I thought they could do which was to educate a diverse business oriented crowd on why emerging technology has to be taken seriously. 

Ron Stevenson from GE said it perfectly when is said that all content at GE is now created so that it is “liquid” or can slide between many mediums: podcasts, blogs, TV, video, mobile….

Mike Dunn said that if a company is not paying attention to the new media/technology then they may not be around for long.

David Parmet, Matt Kain and Reena Jana also echoed the same thoughts which you will be able to catch on the Business Smart Tools site by the end of the week.

Applause goes out to all of the speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for making the 1st Business Smart Tools Conference a big success!  And thank you to Sabine for blogging about it live!!

Stamford, CT will never be the same!  Business Smart Tools Conference has found its home!

Look for more information and news about our next conference at www.BusinessSmartTools.com