Couldn’t bring myself to type this morning cause I sent out about a million emails announcing the Business Smart Tools conference on Social Media,, check it out and look at those speakers!!

Anyway, I am finding a moment and some finger power to type on and so I am calling out to all of those Greenwich Chamber members or non members in Greenwich and in neighboring towns and asking them to come by Redman Hall, 17 East Elm street Greenwich on Thusday 4/27 at 11:45 to hear me and two others (David Schlakman, ARC and Lisa Diggins, Greenwich Magazine) speak on communication.  My particular subject is “communicating then and now.”  I have done some research and found out that the era of electronic communication began in 1862 with the beginnings of TV.  Radio soon followed in 1899.  The beginnings of the internet started in 1956 with hypertext coming in 1965 and then with email starting in the early 1970s.

I say in my speech that we have basically come full circle since the early 1800’s.  Our source of information began in the local salloon or knitting circle and we learned things from other people.  As TV and Radio took over, the ad giants shaped our thoughts, values and buying patterns and we became passive consumers.  As blogging, podcasting and other social media tools are taking off, we have returned to the barstool by having live conversations with other people.  While we are no longer sitting in the local saloon (OK, sometimes we are), we are communicating live again with our global community.  No more passive behavior for us.  Talking and listening has never been this exciting!!