Here at Creative Concepts, we regularly re-evaluate our social media strategies based on what our metrics tell us is (and isn’t) working.  You probably do, too.  And yet, if you’re anything like us, while you’re busy tackling the big picture and the day-to-day details, certain “little” items keep slipping further and further down your to-do list until they’re completely out of sight.

So why not take a few minutes this week for a mental spring cleaning of your social media workflow?

  • Is your media contact list up-to-date?
  • To whom do you owe a quick thank-you note?
  • Can you articulate your own goals, and the goals of your clients?
  • Which of your tasks are taking too much time? (Can anyone help?)
  • Are your assets being cross-promoted across all of your social channels?
  • Do your websites have broken links or outdated information?
  • Are you happy with your hosting, email service, reports, accounting, etc.?
  • Which new tools do you keep meaning to check out, “when I have time”?
  • Does your company have a social media policy?

If you wait until spring to tie up all these loose ends, you’ll be too busy with new work to give them adequate time and they’ll just get delayed again… and again…

But if you make time for one or two of them this week, and two more next week, and so on, you’ll eventually be ahead of the curve.  And then you’ll be ready to implement all those brand new ideas that spring is sure to bring!

Need help evaluating your social media efforts? We can help!

(That’s not our office in the photo, but thanks to Robert Francis for sharing!)