When you’re the top specialty tea company in the United States, you reach a lot of tea lovers.  Our client Bigelow Tea is using social media — from Bigelow Tea’s Facebook (and, yes, MySpace) pages to their YouTube channel, Bigelow loves to share their tea knowledge with the world.  (After 65 years in busiess, they know a thing or two about tea.)

But how often do their customers have a chance to share what they know with each other?  Normally, it’s not easy.  Fortunately, we at Creative Concepts are helping Bigelow Tea bridge that gap.

Last month, the Bigelow Tea Twitter account asked its followers if they had any tea tips worth sharing.  The results were instructive, and they formed the basis of a helpful blog post that allowed Bigelow’s fans to learn from one another.

This isn’t Bigelow’s first foray into customer connectivity.  Earlier this year, they hosted their first Bigelow Tea Social in New York City, where bloggers and foodies alike came together to talk tea (and get their fill of free samples).  How was that live event conceived of and managed?  Why, on Bigelow’s blog and Twitter account, of course!

And while tea is obviously a communal drink to begin with, Bigelow Tea isn’t the only company finding new ways to bring their customers together.  Our client Ecover celebrated their 30th anniversary of creating ecological cleaning products with a live event that united green bloggers, media-makers and innovators, all of whom swapped stories and tips until the party ended.  How did we at Creative Concepts help Ecover organize this event?  With a Facebook contest hosted on Ecover’s blog!

Social media: bringing companies and customers together — with the emphasis on together.