There are two new tech tools that make me very happy.  Have you checked out the new Google trends?  It is so interesting and informative.  If you wanted some information on Blogging vs. Podcasting, you could see that most searches within google are going towards podcasting but in another chart they show that there is a close tie in reported news between the two.  How about PR vs. Marketing?  There are clearly more searches and more news items featurng marketing over PR.  How about soccer vs. baseball (my son asked me this one)?  There are more searches for soccer in 2005 but more news items about basketball.  Can’t live without stats…I love this Google trends!!

And another good stat driver?  Performancing stat package for bloggers.  You can see who is coming to visit, how long, what search engine you are showing up in, how peopel are searching for you, and a ton more.  It is worth it especially if you want or have ads on your blog and need the numbers to make the numbers.

In google trends they say that bad days have more searches but good and bad days have equal coverage in the news….I say have a great day!!