In 2007, Twitter won over the crowd at SXSW and changed the way we communicate.

In 2010, Twitter may have been supplanted by Foursquare and Gowalla.

At least, that’s what Jeff Pulver has surmised based on his own experience at SXSW 2010.  As he noted:

Based on an unscientific poll of a few people I spoke to yesterday during lunch, a typical comment shared was: “I haven’t been on twitter for 2 days. Not sure when I was on last on Facebook. Instead I just look on Foursquare for what is happening and where it is happening.” These words were shared by almost everyone I spoke with.

As the world’s attention shifts toward mobile-based communications, it’s inevitable that Foursquare, Gowalla or one of their competitors will eventually become the new go-to platform… for awhile.

Today, it’s Twitter or Facebook.

Not so long ago, it was MySpace or LiveJournal.

Eons ago, it was GeoCities.

As people’s needs and habits change, the tools they use will become more or less relevant.  In fifty years, it’s likely that none of the above services will still be in use, all of them having been replaced by newer, faster, more relevant tools that solve problems we haven’t even encountered yet.

But your company will still be in business in fifty years… won’t it?

Make sure your social media strategy is based on your company’s goals and the strengths of your people, rather than the functionality of today’s most popular tools.  Because tomorrow’s Twitter will eventually become yesterday’s Friendster, but that reality has nothing to do with the relevance of your own business.

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