Being in promotion mode, I have to think about every which way to get a an idea, a logo, a thought through to a million people and do it five or more times so people can remember what they saw the first time.

Just read an article from a guy who said save your money and put many smaller ads into the paper instead of just one big one (this backs up the idea of getting the point across as many times as possible)

I remember a story that I heard from Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues.  For her first ever production in New York City, she hadn’t sold a single ticket and it was 2 days before the big show.  She hardly had any money and she had called everyone she knew to fill the seats to no avail.  With her last pennies (I am sure it took more than pennies but you get the idea), she took out a full page ad in the NY Times…the house was filled on opening night.

A client told me that the only way to get through to really busy people is to fax them.  There are so many emails today that yours can get lost.  After she emailed a potential client for 3 months, once she sent the fax, he called that afternoon.

Of course there is the traditional route of press releases where you can get TV, radio and print coverage…is anyone paying attention…i think so but the bang is not as big as it used to be.

How about a press release on the wire…that works because the releases go out to websites and online newsletters in addition to the traditional editors, so you not only get coverage but your search engine rankings rise because of placement on other websites, blogs and more..a double exposure.

How about blogs…word gets out quickly if you truly have something to say but use the right keywords so interested parties can find you!!

If you have a client lively and passionate about their product or service, line them up for speeches…people love to hook into others who are knowledgeable and excited about what they do and nothing works better than a live show!  That is why networking can be so effective…you are in person and making a connection…you are believable (hopefully).

And what about putting your thoughts/ads/logo out there in unusual places?  Inside subways and trains, airplanes, elevators…any place where people are forced to sit or stand still….that is when the eye can rest on your special message/product or service.

Anymore ideas?  Send them my way so the list can continue.

Happy hunting.