Just an interesting note.  PR Newswire: while they claim to be on the forefront of technology (great people? yes, ahead with technology? no), I have seen no evidence of it.  They made an accounting error which began in June 2006…they still have the same accounting error happening even though my rep and her boss are lovely and claim it has been resolved.  Should they be worried?  Just a little but they no doubt don’t read blogs so they may never know about this entry.

On a marketing blog note, Todd And’s Power 150 Top Marketing blogs has put Creative Concepts on the honorable mention’s list.

And a final note, we at Creative Concepts have a couple of great blogs we are creating for our clients.  Our latest is Cruise Resort & World Travel, Inc. which has just broken out of the gate.  Stay tuned for more updates and check the links in our client section for new blogs!