As a new business, have you been frustrated with the PR and Marketing help you can afford?

As a small business, have the traditional PR and Marketing people offered you a tactic that has vision, longevity and a clear path to increasing revenue?

As a medium business that is growing and has a strong future, have you exhausted all possibilities that exist with the web so you can increase revenue?

As a medium business, have you hit a plateau and don’t know how to get to the next level for profits and exposure?

As a large business, are you having problems keeping your employees motivated….have you lost touch with the inner workings of the company…do you need to find a more hands on way of communicating internally?

As a large business, do you continue to market to your next potential customer who may not be your customer for 3-5 years based on their age?

Education and action is the only way to keep a company moving upward.  If you don’t know how to approach the internet as a marketing and communication tool, if you don’t want to rely on someone else in the company to understand and implement successful long term business strategies that include web based techniques, if you have no idea what the internet is capable of for any business, then join us for the Business Smart Tools Conference,, where you will learn about the tech world from David Pogue, NY Times and CBS news tech corrospondent, you will learn about podcasting from Mike Dunn (Interactive Media, Hearst), blogging from David Parmet (Marketing Begins at Home), search engine marketing from Matt Kain (24/7 Media), online tv and video from Greg Verdino (ROO) and much more.

Register online and join us on Thursday June 13 in Stamford CT!