Well, as we are nearing our date of June 13th, the Business Smart Tools Conference is ready to go.  The speakers are set, the exhibiting companies ready to go, the Marriott is organized and Creative Concepts is ready to hit the stage. 

This whole process has been amazing and exciting.  The speakers who said yes, see the site for details www.BusinessSmartTools.com, set the tone.  David Pogue, Mike Dunn, David Parmet, Matt Kaine, Ron Stevenson and Reena Jana are professional, smart, wise, and kind and are a draw for any community unto themselves.  The exhibiting companies are cool and innovative (Clearlight, Remembrix, TVEyes, Ingenio, Dial A Note, Multivu, ZoomInfo, Marketwire, Vivapop, Conversagent and Podisite) and jumped on board right away which set the second level of excitement! 

An undying level of gratitude goes out to my biggest sponsors Remembrix and Clearlight Pictures who created the website and will oversee the video podcast of this event among other contributions.  They have supported this effort every step of the way and I am very grateful.  We have the Stamford Marriott whose undying professionalism is very much appreciated.  We have multivu and marketwire who have also been very suportive of this conference.  Press releases hit the country and announced the BST conference in a variety of ways…thank you thank you.  We have David Parmet of Marketing Begins at Home who has not only taken care of the media expenses but has been a supportive cast member in this play called Business Smart Tools and finally a big thanks to Podsite and to Michael who took time out of his day, and at the last minute, to create the beautiful program.  Another undying gratitude thanks goes out to my gang at Creative Concepts, Michelle Walker and Sabine Kirstein for helping to make this conference and our business going forward a big success!  And finally a thank you to all of those people who have registered who are ready to learn how the social media can enhance their marketing ane internal communications efforts in any size business!

Wow, I think I just wrote my opening speech.  Thank you Thank you to all!