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I have been to a lot of conferences and presented to my share of interested and disinterested individuals so I have the experience to say that Podcamp NYC was a total joy to be a part of!! 

The other conferences I have been to (and I have reviewed them or at least made comments about them on this blog) have been empty in the sense that a bunch of people make themselves out to be the innovators and leaders of new media.  I realized that the others (participants from OMMA to Ad Age among others conferences) were in it to make money or make a name for themselves vs. many at Podcamp NYC who are truly the leaders because of their curiosity, their passion and the fact that many are starting out from ground zero vs. the already successful agencies who are just trying to keep up if they are keeping up at all.  So interesting….so great to be a part of Podcamp!

On the speaker side of the equation, it was equally great to be in a room presenting information about corporate blogging to people who not only cared about it but understood many of the principals we mentioned and then wanted to know more.  The questions were intelligent and nonstop (and thank you to Anil Dash for contributing and adding to our presentation)….what a thrill for Sabine and I to be a part of the great energy at The New Yorker Hotel in NYC.

Here are the promised slides from Creative Concepts’ Podcamp NYC 2007 session on corporate blogging (1 MB pdf file). They’re in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for those who don’t have or won’t use MS PowerPoint.

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  2. it’s been awhile since Podcamp NYC 2007 but I just wanted to say thank for that great presentation you gave. From your presentation, I’ve used Bigelow as a case for business blogging in my MBA classes at Fordham University a few times since, and now more than a year later, I’m still using it!!

    Thank you very much!!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment forlogos! Glad you enjoyed hearing about Bigelow Tea…they have expanded even more since Podcamp..they are now on twitter and have more cool videos on YouTube!

    Check them out: twitter.com/bigelowtea, youtube.com/bigelowtea


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