Introducing PROXI® Hydrogen Peroxide Based Healthy Products For Personal and Oral Care

Good for you and better for the environment, PROXI® is dedicated to providing consumers with a range of cleansing products that emphasize high performance, value, quality and wellness in environmentally friendly formulas

Huntersville, N.C. – March 6, 2013 Introducing PROXI® products, the first line of personal and oral care products based upon the powerful yet simple benefits of hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2. PROXI ’s innovative formulas harness the familiar cleansing and purifying power of H2O2, to provide a new, gentle and effective system for daily grooming care. PROXI products are developed and marketed by Innovasource, a North Carolina based company focused on proprietary, environmentally responsible and innovative products.

Long recognized as a trusted ingredient by doctors and scientists, and a household staple for generations of mothers, H2O2 foaming action is ideal for fighting impurities and killing germs. H2O2 has the unique ability to break down to water and oxygen when the cleansing process is complete, making it a human and environment friendly cleanser.

Featuring products for body care and oral care, PROXI’s innovative range combines H2O2 foaming action with plant-derived surfactants for a gentle, thorough, pure clean.

For oral care, H2O2 in PROXI Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse releases oxygen for a unique foaming action that leaves the mouth refreshed and teeth whitened by removing stains. Hydrogen peroxide in Mouth Rinse kills germs that cause bad breath, and PROXI Toothpaste fights cavities with fluoride, meeting consumer expectations for their oral care products.
In formulas for body and hand cleansing, PROXI uses H2O2 in a new way. “Foaming action that releases oxygen has been available in oral care products, but is totally new in hand soap and body wash,” said Sandy Porter, Senior Chemist for PROXI. “We’ve developed these formulas because H2O2 allows us the benefits of healthy cleansing performance with lower preservatives and without outdated, less ideal ingredients traditionally found in these products.”

PROXI’s Formula Promise – A Healthier, Better Clean
With daily revelations about the potential negative effects of ingredients used in everyday items, such as soaps and toothpaste, it’s no wonder that ingredient safety in personal care items is a trending consumer topic. Recent news articles reflect the growing need for alternative formulations that acknowledge modern concerns and requisites.

PROXI products offer not only the gentle cleansing power of hydrogen peroxide, but are free of harsh cleaning
ingredients and irritants commonly found in cleansers. PROXI does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, antimicrobials like triclosan or formaldehyde releasing preservatives including DMDM Hydantoin. PROXI selects its ingredients based on their biodegradability, source of derivation, compatibility with H2O2, safety and avoidance of human toxicity concerns. PROXI personal care products feature plant derived ingredients, contain aloe to help naturally soothe skin, are pH balanced and soap free and are cruelty-free.

A Comprehensive Cleansing Line – PROXI Personal and Oral Care
PROXI’s Personal Care range which contains, in addition to H2O2, at least 96% naturally-derived ingredients to gently cleanse and purify skin with foaming action features:

• PROXI Hand Soap and Foaming Hand Soap
• PROXI Body Wash
• PROXI Body Wash for Men

PROXI’s Oral Care formulas that release oxygen for healthy, foaming cleaning, gentle whitening and fresh breath are:

• PROXI Toothpaste
• PROXI Mouth Rinse

About PROXI® Products
PROXI® home care, personal care and oral care products uniquely combine hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with carefully-selected ingredients based on human and environmental safety profiles. Long recognized as a trusted ingredient for more than 100 years, H2O2 cleans powerfully and breaks down to just water and oxygen, eliminating concerns over left-behind residual chemicals. PROXI products are unique for the ingredients each contains, as well as what is left out, and full ingredient disclosure. PROXI consumer products are developed and marketed by Innovasource, headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina. For more information, go to,, and

PROXI products are available at the following grocery retailers:
Bruno’s , Dierbergs, Food Lion, Hannaford, Piggly Wiggly, Price Chopper, Rouses, Shop N Save, ShopRite and online at