Introducing PROXI® Featuring Pure, Green and Clean H2O2 Based Healthy Products For the Home

Good for you and better for the environment, PROXI® is dedicated to providing consumers with a range of cleaning products that emphasize high performance, value, quality and wellness in environmentally friendly formulas

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – March 6, 2013 Introducing PROXI® products, the first full line of consumer packaged goods based upon the powerful yet simple ingredient of hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2. PROXI revolutionary formulas harness the familiar cleaning and disinfecting power of H2O2 in a dynamic, contemporary way that is both effective and safe for consumers and their homes.

Long recognized as a trusted ingredient and a household staple, H2O2 acts to “power-clean” and boost the performance of other ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide also breaks down to water and oxygen, providing the added benefit of cleaning without left-behind traces or residue. PROXI products are developed and marketed by Innovasource, a North Carolina based company focused on proprietary, environmentally-responsible, innovative products.

With current studies about the toxicity of cleaners and concerns about disinfectant-resistant microorganisms, consumers are demanding more from the cleaning products they use in their homes. They want products that clean and disinfect safely with no side effects for the family or the environment. PROXI®’s pioneering range of products based on H2O2 and carefully selected ingredients deliver superior, user and environment friendly cleaning. “When developing the PROXI product range, we took a step-by-step approach in product development asking ourselves ‘what attributes are consumers looking for?…how can hydrogen peroxide work to meet that need better…and what additional ingredients will provide environmental and human health benefits in the formula?,” said Sandy Porter, Senior Chemist. “H2O2 -based products, like we’re developing, are a new direction for cleaning with safety, purity and effectiveness being the highest priority, which is the direction we believe that families want.
To ensure consumers receive the cleaning results they expect in addition to the innovation, PROXI formulas are tested at independent labs. Results found hydrogen peroxide based PROXI products “meet or beat” leading mainstream brand performances.

A Better, Safer Clean – PROXI’s Ingredient and Formula Promise
With daily revelations about the dangers and toxicity of the everyday products we use, it’s no wonder ingredient safety is a trending consumer issue. Scientists, the medical profession and mothers through the ages have long utilized and trusted hydrogen peroxide for its powerful, safe cleaning and disinfecting benefits.

PROXI formulas offer a significant point of difference in how they uniquely combine hydrogen peroxide with state-of-the-art surfactants to enhance the cleaning and foaming performance of each product, all the while meeting the company’s own stringent standards. Every PROXI formula ingredient is selected based on biodegradability, the source of derivation and human health and safety issues. PROXI products will not harm water systems or aquatic wildlife.

In addition to H2O2, PROXI products fully disclose all ingredients on every product label. Full descriptions for each ingredient, which include plant-based and biodegradable surfactants, are provided at

Industry-Recognized Wellness Trailblazer Award
PROXI was recently honored with Grocery Headquarters’ 2013 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award that recognizes “the best of the best.” Kenn Vest, president of Innovasource, makes the point that PROXI products are “also unique for the ingredients not present in formulas: no chlorine bleach, phosphates, ammonia, parabens, phthalates, Triclosan, SLS or animal-derived ingredients.”

A Comprehensive Cleaning Line – PROXI® HOME CARE
Valued as a trusted ingredient for more than 100 years, hydrogen peroxide cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and whitens without harsh chemicals or any left behind residue. H2O2 has a distinct function in each PROXI Home Care product, all of which provide high performance free of harsh ingredients or fumes:

• PROXI Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner
• PROXI Kitchen Disinfectant Cleaner
• PROXI Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner
• PROXI Daily Shower Cleaner
• PROXI Dish Soap
• PROXI Automatic Dish Detergent Pods

Find PROXI® Products
Available at the following grocery retailers:
• Bruno’s
• Dierbergs
• Food Lion
• Hannaford
• Piggly Wiggly
• Price Chopper
• Rouses
• Shop N Save
• ShopRite
• and online at

About PROXI® Products
PROXI® home care, personal care and oral care products uniquely combine hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with carefully-selected ingredients based on human and environmental safety profiles. Long recognized as a trusted ingredient for more than 100 years, H2O2 cleans powerfully and breaks down to just water and oxygen, eliminating concerns over left-behind residual chemicals. PROXI products are unique for the ingredients each contains, as well as what is left out, and full ingredient disclosure. PROXI consumer products are developed and marketed by Innovasource, headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina. For more information, go to,, and