Sabine again: LiveBlogging from Business Smart Tools conference.

Next up is Mike Dunn. He’s a VP of Hears Interactive Media. They are a venture and enterprise technology group.

He’s been blogging for 5 years. His blog now is nomadic audio, which he started when podcasting first started.

Why podcasting appealed to him:

He manages projcts and resources globally, he needs to evaluate emerging technology and media trends, he’s drawn to change agent roles. he has a strong belief in social media tools, and he saw potential in the new media distribution model.

He commutes daily from Stamford to NYC, and in a crowded train, listening to audio is a lot easier to do standing up.

He asked the audience how many read via RSS (5 out of about 60). How many have heard about podcasting? 20 out of 50. About the same number know about iTunes.

He gave the history of podcasting and showed iTunes.

He also showed us his iRiver which he used to record part of David Pogue’s speech. Maybe he’ll put it up.

The San Fransciso Chronicle (owned by Hearst Interactive Media) invested in high-end technology for creating podcasts.

You can view the slides of his presentation on his blog.

He entered the term “Podcasting” in wikipedia on October 2, 2004, when he noticed that the term wasn’t there.

Yahoo has gotten into podcasting, also.

Podcasting really taps into the dynamic community aspects of the web.

Podcasting is easy. Corporations can do it with very little initial outlay of funds.

Why podcast? Podcasting allows for time and location shifting. It’s available 24 hours of the day. does podcasts giving the behind the scenes look at a story.

I’ll have to look at his slides — he’s got some interesting ideas on ways to use podcasting.