Sabine again, bringing you Matt’s talk.

Matt is VP Sales, 24/7 Real Media USA.

The challenge for marketers is addressing audiences when media is getting increasingly fragmented. Look at kids — watching tv, on the internet, IMing, sending text messages, all simultaneously.
Idea is to put advertisers brands in the path of user’s behavior.
Yahoo has paid inclusion in the organic search results.

There are 2 basic ways for getting found in search engines:

1. have website rank naturally and optimize your site

2. search engine advertising and paid inclusion
24/7 Media has a set of tools to help advertisers and publishers connect to their audiences.

Looking at search results:

How to improve results in organic results.


What phrases might a potential customer search on: scheduling calendar. There’s already a lot of results.

Search engines don’t look at the user interface of a page, they look at the source code. When Matt searches for the phrase in the source code — it’s not there. So this page will never be found for the phrase scheduling calendar.

For good SEO, avoid flash and other elements that don’t add content for search engines.

You also have to be careful not to use “black hat” techniques.

Looking at 24/7 site source code, can see metadata, such as title and keywords, which will help in search engine optimization.

How to use paid-for keywords.

Example: phrase “trout fishing.” In the month of april, over16,000 searches for that phrase.

For the word “fishing” 260,000 searches.

Next: look at how much it might cost. For Trout fishing, the top bidder is willing to pay $2.01. All of this data is available — Mike Kain can see every bidder on Yahoo for trout fishing.

He gave a quick demo on Google adwords.

SEM is the business of connecting to people who are already searching for you.