Today I had the opportunity to make a choice.  Because of a sequence of events, I had the opportunity to step back, look at the people involved, take note of their choices, and then make my choice to step away.  I stepped away to not only make way for the new opportunitites coming my way but I also stepped away in order to keep my highest priorities in place.

This conference that Creative Concepts is presenting in June featuring the new social media and marketing tools: blogging, podcasting, internet advertising and more will give the attendees the same opportunities as I have just encountered in my life.  We in business must always sift through our choices of what is and what has been.  We must continue to press forward by not only adding on but by taking away.  We must make way for the new opportunities while solidly maintaining our highest priorities. 

Blogging is a great example of this concept.  Blogging is a relatively new communication tool that will allow us to reach out to our customers, our investors, and our employees.  It is a tool we should make way for. 

Blogging also creates a forum that allows any business to maintain their priorities: efficient and effective customer service, solid communication with customers, investors and/or employees, marketing at its best, a test group available at all hours (bloggers love to be the testers of new products and services and not enough companies at this time ask for their help!).

Podcasting falls into the same categories as blogging in that a business should make way for this new technology which can only support the priorities of any successful business.

The Business Smart Tools Conference on June 13th will expand on these topics so that the attendee will have a good overview of what is going on with the new social media/internet marketing tools so that making way for something new only supports the strong mission and direction of any successful company.

Stay tuned for more information through the website and more blogs.  Tickets can be purchased starting next week.